PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

Carpigiani launches Synthesis 2, the new modular system that makes it possible to freeze, store and serve gelato in a single solution directly in front of customers and without interrupting the cold chain. The basic module consists of an elegant workstation complete with two independent cylinders equipped with the functions to pasteurize and freeze the mixture and statically store the gelato. In addition, the optimal storage temperature can be programmed for each cylinder. Thanks to the LCD display with pre-installed programs and the patented Hard-O-Tronic consistency control, you can constantly monitor the values of the programmed consistency and that of the gelato being prepared. With the display controls you can always make changes to obtain the perfect gelato according to the recipe requirements. Right in front of your customers CARPIGIANI Each module of Synthesis 2 is equipped with a washing - hot and cold - and drying system. Synthesis 2 reduces the management time of the workstation and allows to offer a different menu every day, following the seasons or the creativity of the gelato maker. Synthesis 2 can be easily integrated into any environment without costly renovations or the need for a large laboratory: installation is facilitated by the wheels that allow easy movement of the machine and by the single-phase connection. In addition, it is possible to combine the different 2-cylinder basic modules to create a gelato parlour counter that meets the needs of the entrepreneur. For more information: www.carpigiani.com 90