PUNTOITALY No37 January - 2024

Even bigger FUGAR The growth of Fugar’s Gustosé, a line of soft creamy fillings, is unstoppable. Gustosé are creamy variegates with an enveloping flavour that provides intense and delicious pleasure. They offer the perception of “silky” smoothness, as soft as a kiss. They have been available in the following flavours: darkchocolate (Darkosé),white chocolate (Biancosé), gian- duia (Ciokkosé), pistachio (Pistacchiosé), salted caramel (Goldosé), and chestnut (Castagnosé). Now, the line is expanding to offer three new flavours: chunky pistachio (Pistacchiosé Rock), dark chocolate with chocolate crumble (Darkosé Rock) and hazelnut pralines (Pralinosé). The entire Gustosè line comes in 5,5 kg buckets. Each box contains two buckets. 112