PUNTOITALY No37 January - 2024

Aymara is a line of powdered bases by Martini Gelato designed to make a wide selection of top-quality chocolate gelatos. With its name that recalls the legendary origins of cocoa, and thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and advanced production techniques, it allows to create gelato tubs with the most elegant notes of this prized ingredient. And it doesn’t end there: each base can be paired with Ariba chocolate disks, to obtain an even more delicious result and to make the presentation in the display case irresistible. Always sensitive to the emerging market demands, Martini Gelato has also created Aymara Cioccolatte, one of the new lactose-free developments of 2024. It offers all the flavour of milk chocolate… but without the milk! It is a delicious gelato loved by both adults and children, and it meets the needs of those who follow a milk-free or vegan diet. Versatility is the dominate characteristic of the Aymara line, especially thanks to products like Aymara Universal, the universal base that can be paired with different types of Ariba single-origin dark chocolate disks to create all the different flavour variations that you desire. For example, Ariba Faracao, a 78% dark chocolate from Madagascar, gives recipes a sweetly bitter and aromatic taste, whereas Ariba Watacao, a 70% dark chocolate from Ghana, offers an intense cocoa flavour. The authentic flagship product of Martini Gelato is the Aymara line of bases dedicated to the world of dark chocolate. There truly is a vast selection of Like a legend MARTINI GELATO products and they allow lots of room for creativity. The Aymara catalogue includes a kit with Modica chocolate, with its gritty and crunchy texture, which is accompanied with products made with a selection of cocoa nibs from the Dominican Republic, which are characterized by excellent quality and unparalleled aromatic notes. To meet the demands of true chocolate enthusiasts, there are also bases to create elegant creations with extra dark chocolate. It’s really true: with Martini Gelato, your showcase enters into the legend of chocolate! 138