PUNTOITALY No37 January - 2024

COMPOSITION • Cooked rice • Saffron gelato Decorations • Sugar flower • Saffron threads • Grains of cooked rice COOKED RICE INGREDIENTS: • whole milk 225 g • Roma rice 77 g • sucrose 102 g • white glaze 50 g INSTRUCTIONS Cook the rice in the milk until you obtain a rice cream, being careful to not overcook it. SAFFRON GELATO INGREDIENTS: • whole milk 255 g • cream 146 g • skim milk powder 64 g • dextrose 20 g • neutro for creams 3 g • saffron paste ste. 77 g • cooked rice 434 g Revelations INSTRUCTIONS Pasteurize all ingredients at 85° then add the rice. Batch freeze. SUGAR FLOWER INGREDIENTS: • Isomalt sugar 200 g INSTRUCTIONS Heat to 180° then proceed with the pulled sugar technique. SAFFRON THREADS INSTRUCTIONS Place them on top of the gelato next to the flower. PREPARATION Batch freeze the Saffron Gelato. While extracting, variegate with Cooked Rice and a few Saffron Threads. Smooth out the gelato in a previously chilled pan and cool quickly. Decorate with Sugar Flower, Saffron Threads and Grains of Cooked Rice. 47