PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

All products developed by Maestro Colalucci stand out thanks to their highest level of quality, professionalism and innovation. They can be adjusted completely based on the needs of the client, regardless of whether it is a single gelato shop, a franchise, a distributor or another company. Thanks to this particularity, Colalucci is able to satisfy the most diversified needs, respecting the values that make his production a prestigious expression of the most authentic “Made in Italy”. www.colalucci.it Maestro Sergio Colalucci, owner of Colalucci company, is a well-known professional at an international level. He is an attentive observer of market developments. For over forty years, he has been creating exclusive proposals that meet the needs of emerging consumers. He supplies innovative ingredients to artisans, with the aim to make a concrete contribution to the cultural growth of the industry. The health trends of recent years have led the Maestro to study and develop new formulations in harmony with the demands of health- and wellness-oriented foods. That is how Calibro Zero was born: an exclusive patented gelato dedicated to everyone, without exception. Calibro Zero is formulated to be sugar-free, including not only sucrose but also all other types of sugar: therefore, it can be enjoyed by those who suffer from diabetes or by those who must be particularly careful when introducing sucrose or any other type of sugar into their diet. It is also gluten-, milk- and egg- free, proving to be suitable for those who have intolerances or allergies to these ingredients. Last but not least, it is ideal for those who choose to follow a healthy diet, for weight reasons or because they follow a vegan diet. Calibro Zero is the result of research and development activities that lasted about eight years, carried out in collaboration with nutrition experts. Calibro Zero: dedicated to everyone COLALUCCI 102