PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

craftsmanship Thanks to the acquisition of Gillio company in 1956, production is expanded to include the preparation of professional-use ingredients for gelato. The company name becomes Aromitalia. Two years later, production of DoppiaPanna Olandese 50 starts, one of the first base products introduced on the market. This is followed by the first flavoured pastes for fruit and classic creams; then in 1959, the DoppiaBase Frutta 50 debuts. The years go by quickly, marked by the constant growth of the company. In 1967, Guglielmo’s son, Cristiano, joins the company as head of warehouse and shipping, then he moves to the R&D department. In 1972, Gruppo Essenziero Italiano (G.E.I. Spa) is founded, which actualizes Guglielmo Ferrero’s dream, that is to create a complete company where both Aromitalia and Nectar brands have space to grow together. 1976 marks an authentic revolution in the gelato market, with the launch of the DoppiaPanna Olandese 100, the first base with a 100-gr dosage. Three years later, the DoppiaBase Frutta 100 base is presented, which definitively resolves consistency problems with sorbets. These are very active years, even regarding commercial expansion. Gelimport is born in Germany, Aromitalia Iberica is founded in Spain, which are joined by Aromitalia SA in Argentina, Aromitalia do Brasil and Natural It Mexico SA in the following decades. A leap in history brings us to the new Millennium. In 2008, the company moves to the headquarters in Settimo Torinese, with a production site of over 27 thousand square meters of which 11 thousand are covered. Three years later, the factory reaches energetic self-sufficiency thanks to solar panels. In the meantime, the opening of branches all around the world continues non-stop: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ecuador, Turkey, USA, up until the opening a branch in 2018 in China, followed by Russia, Peru and Colombia. In 2017, a new plant to produce chocolate from cocoa beans is constructed and the Gioari brand is born. In the meanwhile, the history of Aromitalia continues in the name of the most authentic craftsmanship.