PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

The market of semi-finished products for gelato andpastry nowhas a newstrategic asset D ecember 10, 2021 represents a historic date both for ILLVA SARONNO HOLDING and for the industry of semi-finished products for gelato, preparations for pastry, bakery products and service products for gelato. Precisely on this date, THE NEW STRATEGIC ASSET OF ILLVA GROUP is born: Disaronno Ingredients. Lead by CEO Aldino Marzorati, the Holding group’s interest towards artisanal gelato is the result of the company’s passion for Made in Italy and products of excellence. This passion has led it to invest important resources into this strategic industry since the 1990s. Important leading companies in the industry such as Prodotti Stella S.p.a. and Montebianco S.p.a. were acquired thanks to an important commercial intuition and this allowed the group to obtain an important positioning within the