PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

RECIPES MEDITERRANEAN SEA Suitable for… Single portion Doses for thirty medium-sized glasses INGREDIENTS Mandarin orange sauce Mandarin orange juice 900 g Sucrose 450 g Dry glucose 50 g Zest of 3 mandarin oranges Blood orange sauce Orange juice 800 g Sucrose 600 g Dry glucose 60 g Zest of 2 oranges TRADITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS Pour juice and zest into a small pot and start heating. Mix sucrose and glucose together, then add the sugars when the juice reaches 70°C. Remove from heat. Cool and store at +4°C. Mandarin orange semifreddo Mandarin orange sauce 500 g A Fresh cream with 35% fat content 1000 g B Mascarpone 300 g C Italian meringue 350 g D Blood orange semifreddo Blood orange sauce 350 g A Fresh cream with 35% fat content 1000 g B Mascarpone 300 g C Italian meringue 350 g D RECIPE AND CONSTRUCTION Place glasses on a tray that has been lined with parchment paper. To each glass, add some lime-flavoured topping or sauce that has been mixed with a neutral-flavoured gelatine, then place in blast chiller for 10 minutes. INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOTH SEMIFREDDO RECIPES Blend Italian meringue with the citrus sauce. Whip the cream and mascarpone in the stand mixer then add to rest of mixture. Add mixture to a pastry bag. Pipe the Mandarin orange semifreddo into each glass until half full, then transfer to blast chiller for 10 minutes. Pipe the blood orange semifreddo until the glass is full, then blast chill. SUMMARY Mix A + D. Whip B + C in stand mixture and add the rest of ingredients, then portion. DECORATION Decorate with strips of semi-candied citrus peels. STORAGE If the decorated product has been blast-frozen, it can be stored in the display case at -19°C for two weeks. If the product has been blast-frozen to its core (for example: at -32°C for 1 hour) and it has not yet been decorated, it can be stored at -19°C for 2 months. ON THE MARKET The whipped products B + D can be substituted with a neutral-flavoured base for semifreddo. The citrus-flavoured semifreddoes can be prepared by substituting the fruit sauces with flavour pastes for gelato. Themed decorations: strips of yellow lemon and orange peels Mandarin orange semifreddo Blood orange semifreddo Lime topping Neutral gelatine 40