PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

CRÈME ANGLAISE INGREDIENTS • fresh cream 35% 125 g • whole milk 125 g • egg yolks 50 g • sugar 25 g • granular gelatin 2,5 g • hydration water 12,5 g INSTRUCTIONS Bring milk and cream to the boil. Mix the egg yolks without whipping them, pour the hot liquid onto the egg yolks and mix. Bring to 82°C, stirring constantly with the help of a maryse, making a figure of 8 and avoiding incorporating air. Remove from heat and add the hydrated gelatin melted in the microwave, pass the cream through a sieve. CITRUS CREMEUX INGREDIENTS • lemon juice 115 g • yuzu 40 g • sugar 15 g • eggs 180 g • gelatin mass 18 g • white chocolate 130 g • butter 35 g INSTRUCTIONS Bring the eggs to the heat with the lemon juice and the sugar at 85°C. Add the gelatin mass and pour over the white chocolate and the butter, below 30°C add the yuzu, put in the mould and cool. RASPBERRY GEL INGREDIENTS • raspberry purée 115 g • lemon purée 5 g • sugar 12 g • dextrose 12 g • gel mass 18 g INSTRUCTIONS Heat the fruit puree with the sugars up to 40°C and add the gelatine mass previously melted. CRUNCHY INGREDIENTS • Paillettes 540 g • Muscovado sugar 75 g • powdered glucose syrup 55 g • sweet almond paste 40 g • melted Dulcey chocolate 200 g • peanut oil 160 g INSTRUCTIONS Melt the couverture at 45°C and add the oil and almond paste. Matching sugars and mixing well. Finally add the shortbread grain. Spread a very thin layer, place the biscuit on it and chill everything in positive. MILK CHOCOLATE BISCUIT INGREDIENTS • butter 375 g • sugar 375 g • egg mixture 525 g • milk chocolate 300 g • flour 210 g • almond powder 270 g INSTRUCTIONS Whip the butter cream with the sugar, add the egg mixture and melted chocolate and whip again. Add the mixed powders and roll out on a baking sheet. Bake at 160°C for 13 minutes. 25