PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

The plant-based trend From edition to edition, Identità Milano has given space to “natural cuisine”, in all its many facets. This concept has always been interpreted with varying nuances. In 2023, the focus was specifically on plant-based cuisine, one of the most dynamic frontiers in the contemporary world of gastronomy. During his debut at the convention, Antonio Chiodi Latini talked about the “cuisine of the past”, that is, the path taken in the past starting from plant-based cuisine, and the “cuisine of the present”, that is, how new techniques, suitable for plant-based foods, are giving results that are often surprising. Strengthened by the value of memory, Karime Lopez was inspired by “mole”, a dish from Mexico, her country of origin, recreating it with Italian ingredients and adding a feminine touch by decorating it with a butterfly. Creation by Antonio Chiodi Latini Creation by Karime Lopez 49