PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

EVENTS Signature pizzas Pizza is one of the specialities that best represents the culinary culture of Italy. Starting with the first appearances of pizza chefs next to chefs on the stage at Identità Milano, it has moved on to an entire session dedicated to this dish. This session offered many ideas thanks to the work of famous maestros along with that of young rising talents. The undisputed maestro is Franco Pepe, who along with the obsessive care for flour blends, the leavening process and the dough, has added giving value to local products and the ability to communicate pizza beyond regional borders by making it a subject of dialogue between chefs. His sweet pizza is innovative, made with a bufala mozzarella cheesecake base, Riccio tomato preserves, and a basil and olive oil reduction. The creations of Giacomo Devoto (chef) and Gianmarco Ferrandi (expert of leavening) are also innovative, as they work in the gourmet world by uniting the long and meticulous work of preparing doughs with the pairing of refined and sophisticated toppings. Creation by Franco Pepe Giacomo Devoto and Gianmarco Ferrandi 50