PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

ful choice of raw ingredients and in respect for the environment: both gins try to reduce wasting water and they promote sustainable production with local and when possible zero-km ingredients. The sensorial journey to discover the Aquamaris gin was entrusted to Giovanni Torre, the young owner and bar manager of Catania’s Circus Cocktail, as well as the Brand Ambassador of this Sicilian gin. Roberta Martino of ShakHer created original cocktails with Procera gin. Sensorial explorations The “Women Do it better. Or Not? Shake it up with Pallini to find the answer” project was born with the aim of bringing out female creativity in the mixology industry using products from Pallini’s portfolio. Martina Proietti and Roberta Martino, guests “behind the bar” for bars that participate in the initiative, create a series of engaging activities for customers with the goal to explore the flavours and the quality of the ingredients of their cocktails. The drinks can also be accompanied by a special food pairing. Roberta Martino, creator of ShakHer, a group of female bar professionals 57