PUNTOITALY No35 - July 2023

EVENTS Land and water On opening day of the Bar Show, the Pallini stand welcomed female guests to offer exclusive signature drinks. In the evening, at the Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, an event was set up starring two gins that have made sustainability and environmental awareness part of their DNA: Aquamaris and Procera, respectively a gin made with sea water which preserves its unaltered properties (thanks to the presence of over 60 minerals) and the first premium artisanal gin from Kenya, made with ten African botanicals carefully selected from the territory. Sicily and Africa, water and land come together to bring to life a sensorial experience that has its roots in the careREISHI NEGRONI by Kyriaki Dachtyloudi, Bartender of the Artesian Bar in London • Pallini No.3 London Dry Gin • Red Vermouth • Bitter • Pink peppercorn • Reishi mushrooms • Chocolate milk The preparation of this cocktail involves two important steps: a sous-vide cooking at low temperature of reishi mushrooms and pink pepper in a mix of red vermouth and bitters, to which No.3 London Dry Gin is added. Subsequently, the mixture undergoes a milk washing technique with chocolate milk which, thanks to the help of time (about two hours) and a coffee filter, gives the cocktail a bright colour and a smooth flavour. Food pairing Chicken Tacos, lettuce, celery and Ranch Sauce Kyriaki Dachtyloudi, Bartender of the Artesian Bar in London 56