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PuntoItaly no. 31

PuntoItaly no. 31 2022  is now on line. Flip the online magazine and find out what’s new!

The Concept

Gelato, spaghetti, pizza, espresso… Typical Italian products, appreciated the whole world round, so much so that the words are untranslatable! The made-in-Italy brand in the gelato, pastry and catering sectors is universally recognised as a guarantee of quality, innovation and creativity!

In terms of food, Italy is trendy, just as it is with Italian fashion and Italian racing cars. Everywhere, the culture of eating well is associated with our country… the land of saints, of poets… but also of chefs, pastry cooks, and gelato makers!

This international magazine aims to carry news, curiosities, recipes, and information about “planet Italy” all around the world – Italy as seen at table or at the patisserie or gelato counter.  is an instrument of knowledge and a means of communication that is entirely dedicated to foreign operators interested in developing their businesses.

A wide range of manufacturing companies, products, equipment and accessories relevant to foreign markets are featured in this number. We trust that you, the operators, who receive , or pick up a copy at one of the international expos at which we will be present, or receive the electronic version directly at your e-mail address, will find the magazine stimulating and useful for delving deeper into the subject of “Italy”, and will contact some of the many enterprises whose details are to be found here.

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