Let the party begin!

Let the party begin!
Lots of friends. This is the best summary for the celebration organized by Editrade at its stand at Sigep for the presentation - or rather the welcoming toast - for the new book Reverse Fusion by Pierpaolo and Riccardo Magni with Luciana Polliotti.

Many came. They all came. On Sunday at Sigep we wanted to throw a worthy celebration for the new book Reverse Fusion, written by the three “champions” Pierpaolo and Riccardo Magni together with Luciana Polliotti.
A large number of gelato artisans, pastry chefs, professionals, and journalists showed up, not wanting to miss the literary event of the year, and showing the authors how much they appreciated the work done, and, above all, their friendship.
So many came that our editor Franco Cesare Puglisi decided to schedule a second “toast” the next day, to give the authors time to greet everyone and to sign the numerous “autographed” copies requested!
The book, described by critics as a volume on artisanal gelato design, offers a modern reworking of traditional and modern recipes, to give back to gelato artisans that dignity and confidence in their own abilities that they had in the past. Pierpaolo and Riccardo, father and son, expertly mixed their skills and experiences to achieve an incredible work of a truly rare beauty. All accompanied by the unique historical culture of a great writer of our trade, Luciana Polliotti, undisputed queen of journalism of Italian gelato.

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