Ci Gusta opens a new store into the “Il Mercato Eat&Meet” in Reggio Emilia

Ci Gusta opens a new store into the “Il Mercato Eat&Meet” in Reggio Emilia

Ci Gusta, after several openings over the last few years and in different parts of the globe, is returning to the charming city of Reggio Emilia, its birthplace in 2011. For this brand’s important milestone, it has been chosen a stunning location that was recently opened in the Emilian city, the “Il Mercato Eat&Meet”.

This new space has been renovated by the Portuguese company Sonae Sierra, an internationally active firm that is involved in prestigious projects and successfully manages numerous shopping centers throughout Europe.

On April 20, the historic Galleria Centrale, known to all citizens of Reggio Emilia as Mercato Coperto, reopened to the public through a “soft opening” operation: it is, in fact, a large building dating back to 1927, which has crossed several decades with its monumental charm, serving as a local food market, shopping arcade, large clothing store until today with its redevelopment precisely into the sumptuous “Il Mercato Eat&Meet”. The historic building, which has been completely renovated and upgraded, will house several venues located around the perimeter of the building, while in the center will be a common area where it will be possible to sit and enjoy the dishes on offer or simply relax.

In this very location Ci Gusta will soon open, bringing the goodness of its artisanal gelato and pastries, exactly in the heart of Reggio Emilia’s historic center. The café area will be the perfect place to rest and to taste the famous Cafffettone and many other specialty baked pastries.

The Ci Gusta venue will rise in a strategic location within the Galleria, as it will overlook Piazza Scapinelli, a space that will host many musical and cultural events, especially in the evening.

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