Cartago Tray

Cartago Tray
When art and creativity meet, real masterpieces are born. The recipe is taken from the book Reverse Fusion, published by Editrade


  • Cartago gelato with orange peel and orange flower infusion
  • Orange quick jam
  • Semi-candied dates
  • Crystallized almonds and pine nuts



  • fresh whole milk 599 g
  • nonfat dry milk 37 g
  • cream 35% fat 70 g
  • pasteurized egg yolks 80 g
  • sugar 127 g
  • glucose syrup 42 Be 22 g
  • dextrose 55 g
  • neutral stabilizer 3 g
  • water 7 g

with milk base 100


  • fresh whole milk 599 g
  • cream 35% fat 70 g
  • pasteurized egg yolks 80 g
  • sugar 127 g
  • glucose syrup 42 Be 22 g
  • extrose 20 g
  • milk base 100 75 g
  • water 7 g



  • vanilla pod 1
  • orange zest 1
  • lemon zest ½
  • cinnamon stick ½
  • rum 10 g
  • orange flowers 10

According to best practice. When extracting the gelato, variegate with orange jam.



With 120 g of milk and 30 g of sugar make a cold infusion by steeping vanilla pod, orange and lemon zest, cinnamon, orange flowers, rum.
Bring to a boil.
Use 50 g of flavouring per kg of mix.



  • untreated oranges 500 g
  • granulated sugar 250 g
  • fondant sugar 125 g


Repeatedly parboil the oranges in water.
Cut into pieces and remove the seeds.
Combine with sugar and mix.
Bring to a boil and add the fondant sugar.
Chill and store covered at 4°C.

Assembly and decoration

After filling the tray with Cartago gelato variegated with orange jam, chill in the blast freezer.
Then decorate with fresh dates, crumble crunch, crystallized pine nuts, dark chocolate decorations, and, at the centre, orange jam.



  • dates 250 g
  • water 80 g
  • sugar 150 g
  • glucose 50 g


Dice the dates, bring the water to a boil with sugar and glucose and combine.
Bring to a boil once again, cool, and store at 4°C.
Drain before use.



Crystallization adds a thin layer of sugar to nuts, seeds, spices, cocoa beans, chopped nuts, and so on, giving them a particular opaque and grainy appearance.
During chewing the food makes a pleasant crunch and leaves the texture of micro-crystals in the mouth.
In our case, entering into contact with gelato and therefore absorbing moisture, to avoid a gumming effect we suggest adding an additional layer of melted cocoa butter.
This will insulate the products against the humidity of the gelato, preserving – even enhancing – the crunchy effect. This method is extraordinary
when used in fillings for gelato cakes, single portions, semifreddos, cones and trays, and was developed specifically for the gelato shop.



nuts 500 g
• sugar 200 g
• cocoa butter 150 g


Place the nuts in a basin, preferably copper, and heat to 60°C while stirring continuously.
Add sugar and continue to constantly stir over heat.
The sugar will start to get grainy, sticking to the nuts and covering them completely, thus creating a sandy, crystallized effect.
Immediately pour the nuts onto baking paper to cool.
Agitate to eliminate excess sugar.
Put the finished nuts in a container and add the cocoa butter melted at 40°C.
Mix so that all the nuts are coated and the cocoa butter solidifies.
Pour onto baking paper and allow to harden, turning the nuts to prevent sticking.
Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

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