Green Gold tiles

Green Gold tiles
All the goodness of the Sicilian pistachio is expressed in a refined and surprising “cool sweet” with a velvet consistency. The critical ingredient to make the various layers of shortbread, semifreddo and gelato


  • Italian pistachio semifreddo
  • Sicilian pistachio gelato with lemon zest
  • Crystallized pistachios and Trapani fleur de sel
  • Pistachio velvet
  • Reconstructed pistachio shortbread base



  • milk 350 g
  • egg yolks 90 g
  • sugar 85 g
  • rice starch 22 g
  • pistachio paste 150 g
  • pasteurized egg whites 160 g
  • sugar 200 g
  • whipped cream 950 g

Combine the milk, egg yolks, sugar, and rice starch. Cook and chill quickly.
Add the pistachio paste and emulsify. Prepare a meringue by beating the egg white with the sugar.
Combine the whipped cream with the pistachio cream, then fold in the meringue and use.


  • fresh whole milk 615 g
  • cream 35% fat 33 g
  • nonfat dry milk 35 g
  • sugar 170 g
  • dextrose 13 g
  • glucose syrup 38 De 29 g
  • pistachio paste 100 g
  • carob flour 4 g
  • salt 1 g
  • lemon zest 2 g

Mix sugar, dextrose, and glucose syrup with carob flour and salt. Add the fresh milk, cream, and nonfat dry milk. Pasteurize the mix at 85°C.
During the cooling phase, at 50°C add the pistachio paste.
Finish the pasteurization. When the mix is cold add the zest of two lemons, mix, and allow to stand for a couple of hours.
Then freeze in the batch freezer.

  • fresh whole milk 615 g
  • cream 35% fat 33 g
  • sugar 148 g
  • glucose syrup 38 De 29 g
  • pistachio paste 100 g
  • milk base 100 75 g
  • lemon zest 2 g


  • sugar 110 g
  • water 40 g
  • chopped Sicilian pistachios 180 g
  • Trapani fleur de sel 1 g

Heat water and sugar to 118°C, combine the chopped pistachios and continue stirring until the syrup is fully dry.
Add the melted cocoa butter and mix gently. Add the fleur de sel, stir, and immediately
pour out on the silicone mat. Refrigerate. Store in airtight containers.


  • butter 135 g
  • brown sugar 150 g
  • almond flour 135 g
  • wheat flour 135 g
  • white chocolate 160 g
  • almond pralines 50 g
  • pistachio paste 140 g
  • puffed cereals 50 g
  • salt 1 g

Combine butter, sugar, almond flour, and wheat flour.
Mix until uneven and cool. Bake at 160°C valve open, cool, and combine with the chocolate melted at 40°C, the pistachio paste, with pralines and puffed cereals.
Spread in the 40×30 cm pan and portion.


  • cocoa butter 150 g
  • white chocolate 350 g
  • pistachio green fat-soluble
  • natural coloring

Melt the cocoa butter and chocolate at 40°C.
Add the coloring. Use in a spray gun on the sweet at -18°C to obtain the velvet effect.


Spread the pistachio gelato to form an insert the size of the rectangular molds. Add crystallized pistachios, press lightly, and chill in the blast freezer.
To assemble the dessert add the semifreddo, then the pistachio gelato, fill to the rim with semifreddo, and chill in the blast freezer.
Remove from the mold and complete with the velvet effect. Place on the reconstructed shortbread.
Finish with white chocolate decorations, isomalt and pistachio strands, gold confetti.

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