A simple yet complex dessert based on coconut, cocoa, and curry by Chef Alessandro Breda of Gellius in Oderzo, Treviso (Italy). The starred restaurant offers a unique experience, dining among archeological finds and contemporary installations.


  • ripe persimmons 3
  • curry 3 g
  • lemon juice 3 g

Pass the persimmons through a fine sieve to collect the juice. Emulsify with the curry and lemon juice. Fill eight 3 cm diameter silicone half-sphere moulds. Place in the blast freezer.


  • coconut milk 250 g
  • egg yolk 1
  • sugar 30 g
  • gelatin in sheets 40 g
  • semi-whipped cream 125 g

Heat the coconut milk with the egg yolk and sugar in a bain-marie until 82°C, then add the previously softened gelatin. Once the mixture has cooled, stir in the semi-whipped cream. Fill eight halfegg moulds with the “white” placing the other half (the “yolk”) on top. Place in the blast freezer.


  • white chocolate 210 g
  • cocoa butter 90 g

Once the two assembled egg halves have frozen, glaze them with a solution of white chocolate and cocoa butter previously dissolved in the microwave. Refrigerate for at least four hours.


  • cocoa 30 g
  • water as needed
  • Add water to the cocoa to achieve the right consistency.


Using a brush, draw a strip of cocoa paste on the plate and place the egg on top of it.

The unique character of Gellius

The ancient meets the contemporary, to remind us that the present exists thanks to the reworking of the past that cannot be erased, but only redesigned. If the past is memory, the future is tension towards that which is not yet known. This is the inspiration that led Alessandro Breda to open a restaurant that mixes archeological artefacts and modern installations. You’ll find out the name of the restaurant if you can read the stones. And thus it is revealed by an urn bearing a name: Caius Gellius, son of Quintus, of the Papiria tribe.

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