Saturn Cake

A creation by the flavour scientist Eleonora Signorini, coordinator of all production at the Clivati Pastry Shop, a historic, refined venue that opened in Milan, Italy, in 1969. The shop is an institution and one of the most popular meeting places in the city.


• shortcrust pastry with cocoa
• salted caramel
• ganache


  • butter 640 g
  • cocoa 70 g
  • flour 1200 g
  • almond flour 180 g
  • sugar 500 g
  • salt 5 g
  • egg 250 g
In a planetary mixer, use the flat blender to mix the powder ingredients (flour, almond flour, and cocoa) with the butter, then add the sugar and salt. Finally, add the eggs and mix. Allow to stand for at least one day.


  • dark chocolate 80 g
  • milk chocolate 20 g
  • cream 80 g
  • anhydrous butter 14 g

Dissolve the chocolates together. Bring the cream to a boil and add it to the chocolate in three steps. Add the butter. Cover with film touching the surface and allow it to cool.


Pour a thin layer of caramel into the mould and allow it to cool. Melt the ganache and pour it into the bottom of the shortcrust. Decorate as desired.


  • sugar 70 g
  • glucose 46 g
  • salt 4 g
  • cream 100 g
  • butter 8 g

Pour the glucose into a double-bottomed steel saucepan. When it starts boiling, add the sugar in three steps, waiting for the sugar to fully dissolve before adding more. Meanwhile, heat the cream until it starts boiling. Cook the caramel until it turns amber. Decoct with semi-whipped hot cream. Resume cooking the caramel. Add the salt and cook for two minutes. Add the butter. As soon as it melts, turn it off.

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