Spectacular colours

Spectacular colours
The surprising shades of orange and grapefruit can bring to life exciting compositions. Here’s how to make two creations that will leave your customers speechless.


The protagonists of this lively and articulate work are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, with a taste, aroma, and colours that are particularly vibrant. They are very decorative fruits thanks to their range of colours and therefore are suitable for spectacular presentations.

Choose Ribera oranges and a pink grapefruit that is less bitter and has a thinner peel than the yellow version.
Both fruits must be medium-sized because they are easier and faster to handle.
Also make sure they are ripe to the right point, as unripe fruit is too tough and mature fruit looses its shape too easily.
Wash and dry the whole fruit very well before proceeding with cutting. With a corer of adequate size, make a number of vertical incisions on the peel to obtain ornamental grooves.
Once grooves have been cut into the whole fruit, use a very sharp knife to cut slices of the same thickness along the width, then divide them into segments and place them on the tray.
Cut some slices of fig with black peel to bring out the colour of the pulp.
A part of all the fruits used in the presentation must be cut into small pieces to make the fruit salad contained in the bowl.


An original ornamental cup that can also be served on its own.
The small crown that adorns the edge of the container is made with pink grapefruit peel that gives life to an enchanting and delicate lace that reveals a bountiful fruit salad combined with gelato.

First of all, wash and dry a pink grapefruit of a size similar to the diameter of the bowl because once cut the strips of peel must adorn the profile of the container.
With a V-shaped corer cut three-quarters of the fruit peel from the top to the bottom.
The strips that form are folded internally to form a loop. Cut the grapefruit transversely, cut the white of the rind with a sharp knife and empty out the pulp. To make the two flowers, cut a Stark
Delicious apple with a triangular-tip corer.
Cut the entire circumference of the fruit from the outside to the inside to get the petals.
Separate the two parts by rotating one part clockwise and the other counterclockwise.
Place a blueberry and a raspberry in the centre.
To compose the bowl place the grapefruit half and fill the cavity, possibly with fruit gelato and pieces of citrus fruits, apple, and fig. Pay attention when placing the loops on the edge of the bowl.
Complete with the apple flowers.

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